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    So that was Christmas
    Wow, I'm wore out!

    The kids got far too many gifts, we were all drug around to places we didn't expect, and I ended up making a few (thousand) dozen cookies to pass out to all the last minute gift getters. What I thought would be a dull year turned into a circus! The highlight was the Ex deciding last minute he wanted to take the boys to see his grandmother who has early stages of Alzheimer's, but saying he couldn't handle them on his own. So I ended up coming along. As if spending time with my ex wasn't enough, I had to do it with his family and his grandmother who asked me every 5 minutes who I was and why I was there.
    The boys got the biggest loudest toys they could imagine from their father. Part of me thinks h did it on purpose and I'm almost tempted to let him have them for a few days and take the toys with them. Bear got a giant robotic dinosaur that growls and walks with this stomping sound echoing. And Bull got toy vacuum with bells inside of it that jiggle loudly as he pushes it all over the house. I can feel the migraine coming on.
    And just to make things better I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Hopefully 2008 will be better.

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